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Of course, the insanity spread in Mr Wang Mingsheng’s email does not exist. The story that everyone has now met to pay out the money to the potential victims is once again the entry of the scammers.

Ms. Adesina’s identity was stolen, as well as the passport. A copy of, which was sent, is a plain and crude forgery.

Nothing of the story is true, and the perpetrators are only looking to obtain your documents, which they then use for other crimes.

Keep your hands off those messages, do not reply, sent no documents, the Nigerian mafia would use them for other crimes. Do not send money, it would be irretrievably lost. Move the mail to the digital dustbin.

Attn: Beneficiary

  About 5 minutes ago, we just concluded a meeting with the entire
Payment Committee of The Federal Republic of Nigeria, The Minister of
Finance with the British Airline Company at this conclusion we had to
contact you right away. Following your swift response to my letter
today, I had to write you this Letter in other to fully enlighten you
on the accurate step to take being the Executive Governor of this
great and noble Bank, I personally have not experienced this kind of
predicament at all.

Based on the fact that these foreigner tendered Valuable Legal
Documents to back-up him claim, we have all rights to Release this
Funds to him but we had to contact you first in other to know if you
truly sent Mr. Wang Mingsheng  to collect your Funds in cash .

These foreigner Mr. Wang Mingsheng  have given us a Bank Account in
“USA  ” with his passport copy where they want this Funds to be
transferred into. This is absolutely by the case because we are still
investigating carefully in other to avoid Ms-Direction of Funds. I
will warn you to stop every communication with any others from Nigeria
because we are investigating them.

These foreigners tendered to us Legal Documents from the High Court
Ordering us to Release this Funds to them within 24hrs from today
dated the 19/ 11/ 2020. we have attached his passport . view the


Dr. Akinwumi A. Adesina

Fake Passport af the United States, Wang Mingsheng

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