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Miss Marie Richard-Scammers Reverend is waiting for stupid victims (1)

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Yes, we were very lucky that one reader became suspicious with the mails that reached her. In this case, the scammers did not move, but it is a particularly brazen attempt to order an invitation to Europe, along with the necessary small change, the many telephone numbers, the email addresses have always been conspicuous with scams from Senegal since 2012, as far as we can tell. Always the same type, trying to get a visa. We are thanking the reader for sending us the mails.The numbers of the culprits were involved in numerous other investment fraud. Don’t be misled, the mails are badly crafted and one of the many examples of scammers coming up with the same story over and over again.
Therefore: Do not reply, do not send any personal documents or money for the poor creatures in the alleged camps. Move the mail immediately to the digital waste bin.

Even the Nigerian Embassy in Dakar wants to know more about this very mean creatures. One will not believe how long this offenders are on the market. For years, the same group is in business.

Hello dearest, thank for your response

My name is Miss Marie Richard, I’m 22 year old, height 5 ft 11 inches, weight 61, single woman never married before. I was the only child of my parents.

My late father, Mr. Franck Richard from Abidjan, Ivory Coast in west Africa, he was a business tycoon and a politician who was murdered in his room alongside with my beloved mother and our family house was burnt down by the rebels during the last crisis in my country, luckily for me i was able to escape from my country to Senegal only by the special grace of God.

I don’t have any relatives now whom i can go to, all my relatives ran away in the middle of the war. I am presently living in Refugee Camp here in Dakar Senegal.

Listen to this, when my father was alive he deposited some amount of money in a leading bank which he used my name as the Next of kin, the amount in question is the sum of $4.7M USD (four million seven hundred thousand dollars) so i will like you to help me transfer this money to your account and from it you can send some money for me to get my traveling documents and air ticket to come over there to meet with you.

I kept this secret to people here in the camp the only person that knows about it is the Reverend John, because he is like a father to me, because i am afraid to lose this money if people gets to know about it.

So in the light of above i will like you to keep it to yourself and don’t tell it to any one for i am afraid of losing my life and the money if people get to know about it. Remember i am giving you all this information due to the trust i deposed on you. I cannot access the account due to the agreement the bank had with my father, (1) That i must attain the age of thirty years, or (2) I should present a foreign partner who will help me transfer and invest the fund in a good business abroad.

In-case you want to speak with me on telephone, you can call me with the phone of the Reverend John, who is in charge of the Refugee camp his name is Rev. John Martin, his number is (+221763453525 ) any time you call tell him that you want to speak with Miss Marie Richard he will send for me in the women hostel.

Awaiting to hear from you soon so that i will furnish you with information’s. Attach with this email is my photos. I will like you to send me your photos in your next email.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Marie Richard

Hello my dearest one,

How is your day and everybody around you? I am writing in response to the content of your mail received today which the content was well understood by me, at first i must thank you for your kind and urgent response to my proposal letter which i explained to you about the present situation that i am facing now and pleading for your kind assistance towards that which i must let you know that i am very happy to read from you again.

However, in regards to your mail as it may interest you to know the areas that i needed your help mostly, please my dear i am honorably seeking your assistance in the following ways:-

1) To stand as my foreign partner in the bank and provide a foreign account where this my late father’s money will be transferred into as the bank stated.

2) To serve as a guiding of this money to me as i am still 22 years and a female as-well, and to invest the money into a very good business over there in your country.

3) To make an arrangement for me to come over to your country to further my education and to secure a resident permit in your country immediately the money is transferred into your account as i must let you know that this refugee camp is no more conducive for me to stay.

I would like you to contact the bank on my behalf to know their procedure on how they are going to transfer the money into your account and after the money is being transferred into your account then you will send some money to me so that i can use it and get all needed travel peppers to come over and stay with you, my dear, i really know that the transfer will take place as soon as i present your information’s to the board of the directors of the bank and make the legal introduction of your person to them that you are my new appointed trustee, so all that i needed from you now is your full information’s that stated below to enable me proceed immediately.

(1)  Your full name …………………
(2)  Your phone ……………………….
  And fax number ………………….
(3) Your occupation ………………….
(4) Your age ……………………………..
(5) Your nationality ………………………
(6) Your residential address …………….
(7) And your marital status ………………

This are what the manger of the bank said that i should present to them from my trustee before they should proceed on the transfer, so i will send it to the bank as soon as you furnish me with the information’s to enable them proceed immediately.

Once again! i am very excited towards the content of your responding mail to me, have a nice and lovely day while i am eagerly looking forward to reading from you soonest regarding the providing of the above required information’s. And your photos

Yours sincerely,
Miss Marie Richard

Hello dearest Bettina,

Good evening, how was your day? I believe you are doing well. I am fine here with hope to meet with you immediately after the transfer of my late father’s money to your position for a better life.

God will bless and reward you and your family for every effort you are about to take to see me out from this horrible prison called refugee camp where i am living as a result of the untimely death of my parents (may their gentle souls rest in peace).

Like you asked to know, I would like to travel to your country immediately after the transfer to further my education while you help me to invest the money in a good business over there in your country .

I have forwarded your information to the bank for a legal introduction to them as you being my new appointed trustee and i authorized you before them to stand on my behalf through the process of transferring my money into your account, i am writing to inform you that the bank have replied me with a good news they have verified every necessary information about you and confirmed you worthy to be my trustee they further stated that the next step now according to their banking procedures is that you have to apply officially to them before they will proceed with their next step of action towards the transferring of my money into your account.

I appreciate your interest to assist me, meanwhile i had opportunity to have all the direct contact of the bank of which my name appear as the next of kin, i have reached the bank manager himself and he gave me their correct information and advised me on what you should do to communicate with them direct.

Dear, after the death of my parents i managed to make my way to Senegal. This place is like a prison and i thank God for pastor of the church located here which i send and receive mails with his office computer. I choose you immediately i saw your email without any delay, because they said that out of hundreds, there must be a Good Samaritan and I hope that it was by God’s grace that I have chosen you. I have 100% trust and confidence in you and I am rest assured that you will surely help me out from this terrible place.

Stated below are the contact details of the bank in charge in Senegal therefore you will have to establish contact with this bank on my behalf. Be informed that already i have informed Mr.Papa Coly the manager of this bank about you and he is aware of you now, he advised that you should contact him by yourself and that he will respond to you as soon as possible to direct you on how to process our claims and release of the money to you without delay.

Here is the contact of the Bank:

Banque Islamique Du Senegal.
Address: 04 Avenue Roume Immeuble Place de L’Indépendance Dakar-Senegal.
Contact Person: Mr.Papa Coly.
Position: (director foreign telex/wire transfer BIS)
Tel: +221-76 322 0621
Email address: ( )

Remember that you should abide by the instructions from Mr.Papa Coly for a swift approval of our application for claims and release of money into your nominated bank account.

As a refugee, the law of Senegal does not permit me to part take in any foreign transaction, so Mr.Papa Coly advised me to look for a foreign partner who will assist me in the transaction due to my refugee status.

My dear, when contacting Mr.Papa Coly the foreign transfer manager of the bank tell him that you are my representative and that you want to assist me transfer my late father’s deposited money of which i am the next of kin and I have equally forwarded your contact details that is your name to them so that they will recognize you when you contact them.

Here are some details too:

Name of depositor: Mr. Franck Richard
Next of kin : Miss Marie Richard
Nationality: Ivory Coast (Abidjan)

Dear, i would be very grateful if you can keep all this information strictly confidential, do not tell anyone about my coming to your country, do not tell anyone about this money because know body know about it only me the reverend father and the bank i don’t want to lose my life please and do not tell anyone about your transaction in Senegal. I am telling you this for our safety purpose as we have bad people everywhere, i don’t what any jealous person to sabotage our efforts, so please keep everything secret till we are successfully have the money in your account and i come over to your country. May God bless you, I wait to hear from you.

Have a nice and lovely day.

Yours sincerely,
Miss Marie Richard


We have received this e-mail prior to your request, in respect to the appeal made by Miss. Marie Richard, your partner and official next of kin to the deposit by late Mr. Franck Richard. I was instructed by our remittance Director, Mr. Papa Coly to write you in respect to your appeal.

Please be aware that your information has been recorded thus your appeal regarding this claim has been granted and your inquiry has been forwarded to the transfer department unit, hence you are subjected to provide legal backings confirming the true legality of your claims as the next trustee to the deceased, the deposit and his death.

As the Next Representative to the deposit, we shall be needing the below listed information and documents:

1. Scan copy of your international passport or driver’s license or any of your identity card.

2. Power of attorney from the Federal High Court in Senegal.

3. Affidavit of Oath/support from the Federal High Court in Senegal.

4. A copy of the deposit certificate of ownership we issued during the deposition to our customer late Mr. Franck Richard.

5. A copy of death certificate issued by a public/general hospital confirming the death of Mr. Franck Richard.

The above request plays important roles in all international transfer, the essence is to protect our interest and yours after the transfer has been made. We shall process your claim and make the transfer with immediate effect once we receive the above listed.

Below is the full contact of our accredited Attorney who will obtain the legal papers on your behalf at the federal high court.
Attorney James Christopher (SA)
(Original lawyer)
James Chamber & Associates
Motto: Honesty, Peace and Justice
Phone: +221-766-423-145

Should you need more clarification, please contact us directing the query to the Foreign Transfer Director, Mr. Papa Coly.

For further inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our office is open Monday-Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm and 8:00am – 12:00pm Saturdays.
Kind Regards,
Mrs. Alice Pima.
(Secretary for remittance Department)

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