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A Federal Reserve Bank of New York Scam


This time an elaborate forgery of a letter, from documents the scammers stole from a victim. This is what happens when you allow yourself to be pressured by the scammers to send personal documents that no human being would traceably have to give anywhere.

Of course, the identity of the bank was also stolen.

Thecompany card is made by PhotoShop and is rather ridiculous because a child of pre-school age could do it. The form is absurdly bad and only used to obtain personal data; no bank would send something like that without being asked.

Especially not by e-mail or even by post. It is a crazy attempt at fraud that is supposed to cost 2750 US$.

Therefore, do not reply to this nonsense, do not send any documents, no money, put the message in the bin.

Federal Reserve Bank of NY                  33 Liberty Street  New York, NY 10045

Please find in attachment Direct deposit Instruction and fill out correctly and sign and send back to me quickly.

If you have a BMO Harris, or CIBC, or TD, or Chase, or Wells Fargo bank account, we can initiate a direct deposit of your fund $15.5 million US dollars to the  account. All you need to do is provide me with the account details in the Direct deposit form and also pay your disbursement fee $2,750 within 48hrs. 

I await your reply

Ben Clinton H.
Public Communication Officer and Economist.

FRB 12 bankslogo

Screenshot Scammer,2022
Screenshot Scammer,2022

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