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Check found in Africa close to Barrister John Kutty

A barrister John Kutty only exists among the scammers. Fred Ego is an old hand from Nigeria, he knows the scammer business well and has probably been doing his dirty business for a decade.
None of this is true, of course. It’s just another trick to collect money for transporting the non-existent cheque.

Therefore, do not reply to this nonsense, do not send any documents, no money, put the message in the bin.

Urgent Attention,

I have deposited your CASHIER’S CHECK worth of $4.5 Million United
State Dollar on care of ( Barrister John Kutty ) as we discussed.
Please mail him immediately to send the CASHIER’S CHECK to you. I am
in Columbia now.

I kept your CASHIER’S CHECK worth of $4.5 Million United State Dollar
and will send you the rest of the money after my business trip here.
I sent you so many mails but all bounced back.

So mail ( Barrister John Kutty ) with below email for him to send the
here is his email: ( )
or call him at: +229-67563119

Kindly re-confirm to him your personal information per as follow for
security reasons:

Your full name…………..
Your house address …………..
Your direct phone number ……………….
Your occupation ………………..
Your country’s name …………….
Your age ……………….

Thanks and do let me know when you receive it.

Best regards.
Mr. Fred Ego.

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LAST & FINAL WARNING NOTICE · Scammer News February 5, 2023 at 8:27 PM

[…] Another lawyer who has found a name that sounds so similar. Of course, this is the normal story of the lawyer from Nigeria. Some scammer. The story is bad and old, it’s not true and therefore: don’t reply, don’t send documents, don’t send money, move the mail to the bin. […]


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