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Of course, this ATM card story is only meant to scam transport fees, the real Mr Tony Elumelu’s identity was stolen for this purpose. Elumelu is an unsavoury spirit who has been rampaging through the net for months. Now his time has also run out. DHL refers on its homepage in Lagos to the strange gentlemen who are never at a loss for a story. Therefore, do not reply, do not send any documents, never send any money, put the mail where it belongs – in the digital dustbin.

Attention Beneficiary
Latest development, we bring to your notice:thatdue to bad network we are having here in Africa we could not be able to complete your transfer through Bank to bank transfer Or online Transfer as programmed.Our network here will not carry on the programming, so we decided to use ATM MASTER CARD method to finalize the transaction.We have programmed an ATM MASTER CARD with your name and uploaded your total fund of (US$4.5Million) in the Card so that you will be withdrawing with it in any ATM MACHINE. The ATM MASTER CARD works worldwide and the daily amount WITHDRAW according to our programming system is(US$9,000.00) Fifteen Thousand Dollars only.
I Mr.Tony Elumelu, have made the delivery arrangement with DHL DELIVERY COMPANY NIGERIA that will carry on the delivery to your home address and their director told me that Delivery of the ATM MASTER CARD to your house will be smooth with out delay.He assured me that their Company takes good 4-days to complete any delivery registered with accurate address. So you are advised to send your full address such as:
Full Name:________
Home Address:____
Zip code:_________
Telephone Number:_
Please your urgent reply will be appreciated for immediate registering of your ATM CARD.YOUR FUND HAS BEEN CREDITED INTO ATM CARD, reply back only on this email

YOUR FUND HAS BEEN CREDITED INTO ATM CARD, reply back only on this email

Mr.Tony Elumelu
United Bank of Africa (UBA-NIGERIA)

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