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Oh yes, it’s a new, completely bizarre scam that the gentlemen have set up in this context.

It is all about old scemes, such as spying on personal data for the purpose of later blackmail and, of course, about transport fees or notary fees, transfer fees or processing fees. Nothing is true, Lloyds has had its identity stolen and therefore the rule is: do not answer, do not send any personal documents, no money, it would be lost. Move the mail to the digital dustbin.

Lloyds Bank Plc
417 North End Road, Fulham, London.
Sw6 1Ns. United Kingdom.
Direct Line : (+44) 745 128 4486
Fax: (+44) 203 322 6493


I am Mr. António Horta-Osório, Group Director and Chief
Executive/Commercial Banking Lloyds Bank Plc ,London UK.The Payment
Advisory Board wishes to inform you that your Long Overdue Funds of
$15.5 Million USD has been approved. We have not heard from you since?
What is happening? If you are interested in receiving your fund now,
quickly get back to me with information’s below.

Full Name: Age:
Residential Address:
Marital Status:
Cell phone:
Copy of your International Passport or Drivers License:

Also indicate how you want us to make the payment to you, either ATM
Card, Certified Bank Draft or Bank to Bank Transfer.

Reply back via this E-mail (  )

Yours faithfully,

Mr. António Horta-Osório.
Executive Director
Lloyd’s Banking Group UK London
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