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Marenas Twitter Story from the Gambia

It is always the same sceme that the perpetrators from Brikama use. The names are smoke and mirrors, the trick nasty and contemptuous of humanity.

The aggressive beggars make their business with text modules-and the best i-phone

Like the legions falling sea over Twitter accounts – the point Marena is interested in, is money. Cash. A cash-sucker from The Gambia.Begging by Twitter. He is writing stupid things to make his share in the Brikama game. Same story as the other stories.

This time not by Western Union or Money Gram, but by Terangas. The packages are coveted trade goods if the scammer has his way They tell the same story over and over again, parents dead, they live in poverty, school they had to drop out. After some nice words it is a brutal hunt that then begins, only pament is the way out. You are supposed to pay immediately -tearful emojis punctuate the story which becomes more and more absolute crazy.

Now there might be a package and in a fortnight the same perpetrators will ask for a roof or a house. Victims who report the perpetrators said that the moral pressure is set so high that the only way to escape is to cut off contact completely, but then the next beggar shows up and asks for the same thing again.

Dozens of these young men photographed in poverty suddenly appear in the time line, and all just want a few dollars- preferably a few many dollars. In this case, God is striving to make everything that can run and jump to quickly raise money for the next i-phone. It seems to be organised crime from The Gambia. At least the trail ends there and again to Brikama.

Therefore: never answer, never send money, even if the pressure is high. Do not believe, they are in poverty. They would even use the data on the sheet of World Remit for further crimes. Never send money, just go to the police or inform as well Twitter. Just barr the offenders on social media.

Twitter of Marena

Am really not doing well , Facing a lot of difficulties here with my family members , I wish you were here to witness what we are going , the situation is going so horrible and devastating toward on me and my family members , We are finding it so hard and difficult to survive , I just wish you were here to witness what we are going through, it really breaks my heart and brings so much tears on my face seeing tears on my little ones , I am living with my old wake grandma at home who’s 93 years old and with my litter brothers but sadly lost my breadwinners in years ago, but since that incident happens life became so awful and hard toward on me and my little ones here , We are currently living without no food and water to eat , it really breaks my heart and brings so much tears on my face seeing my little ones and grandma crying at home over food and water to eat that was so devastating and frustrating,

Please pray for me and my family, we are indeed need this is way too hard and gone over my head , This too much for me , And way too hard to bear on , I just wish my parents were around

Enttäuschtes Gesicht

Please pray and talk to me as soon as you received this message , Thank you

Gefaltete Hände


I need help so that I can buy bag of rice at home with my family and lord will bless you

I’m not asking for money I’m only asking for food, You can buy food for me and my family by your self through Terangas in The Gambia it’s a online store where they sell food and it will be delivered to me and my family instead of money

I swear down to lord I’ll not sell the food please don’t judge me wrongly. I’m different. An English man once says that one potato spoiled the entire bag of rice , These bad peoples destroyed the opportunity of the needy, If you wish we can do a video call for you to see me or I can write down your name on a paper and take a picture for you to believe me that I’m s real person who needs help, I swear if I sell the food let me die instant. How can I sell food while my family is starving.

Another one: Hello dear friend nice to meet you I’m glad you accept my follow request my name is Ebrima Im from Gambia


I’m a 19 year old living with my sibling I hope you won’t mind to become friends with me and to no me well? I’m hoping to hear your reply?

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