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Scam Investigations Unit (S.I.U) Again With A New Storyboard

One of the things no one needs-Scam Investigation Unit

Now the scammers are already investigating themselves, very dumb and more or less useless. Two months ago, they came with a similar story of investigation.

This is another step forward in the years-long fight for a scam-free world. Yes, a scam free world. Nigerian investigators are taking matters into their own hands and have already set the bait. Themselves.

Of course, this story is not true.

It’s yet another attempt at evil pawn catching from Nigeria. Don’t fall for it. The story is fictitious, so don’t give out any documents or personal details, don’t reply, don’t send any money – but move the mail straight to the digital dustbin.

Scam Investigation Unit(S.I.U),
2255 Carlinesd Ave., Suite 500,
lgn,island,K2B 7Z5,
DIRECT  LINE -+234803656553,
Hon.Pr.Ramond Steve,
Head, Planning, Research,

Attn: Beneficiary,

This is to inform you that the united state government authority (USA) in collaboration with the Nigerian government and the SCAM INVESTIGATION UNIT  (S I U) has been alleged to monitor all transaction. I am here by instructing you to stop whatever transactions you are having in regards of your fund.

This information is reaching you because from our investigation we discovered you have been involved in a transaction with an internet fraudster. Note we have a  Certified Cashier Check of (Eight hundred thousand united state dollars) for compensation as a scam victim. The Central Bank Governor is compensating all the scam  victims to avoid giving our country bad names.

Now contact the office of remittance department with all you information’s and apply for the release/delivery of your Certified Cashier Check of (USD$800,000.00)  through the office of( Mr Chimedubem  Jude)  of Remittance Department Central Bank of Nigeria and email address ( and ask him to release the  Certified Cashier Check to you as the beneficiary of Eight hundred thousand united state dollars (US$800,000.00) for your compensation.

All that is required from you is..
your current home address,———–
your full name, ————-
your age—————-
Your phone number—————

Scam Investigation Unit(S.I.U)
2255 Carlinesd Ave., Suite 500
lgn,island, K2B 7Z5
DIRECT  LINE -+2348036565
Hon.Pr.Ramond Steve
Head, Planning, Research

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