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Yes, that’s how we know Nigerians, poor research, bad spelling and a brainless story that will draw a cynical smile from any normal person.

Well, the phone number has been used before for known ebay scams, and Mr Gillespie has also been in the market since 2014 with the Fake-RBS scam. He has once again come up with a cross story with another scam and made a soup out of it that even he should be upset about.

But the Nigerians in the UK doing these jobs are not exactly the brightest candles on the cake.

So, don’t reply, don’t send any documents, don’t send any money, put the email in the digital bin.

This is to inform you that we have finally received your unpaid delayed contract payment which
was transferred from the United Nations (UN).
Also note that from the record in my file, the total amount confirmed is $10,000,000.00 USD.
However, we have received a notice of Change of Account from your representative Mr. Julius Fletcher yesterday.
In respect to the account received from him, we wish to confirm with you before we proceed with the transfer of your contract fund to the new account he provided.
Kindly confirm the below new bank account as valid and endorsed by you for the transfer of your unpaid contract fund.
Bank; Bank of America
Address; 690 Adams Street Quincy Ma 02169 USA
A/C Number: 4666 0133 5222
Routing Number: 011000138
A\C Name: Julius Fletcher
The transfer will take place immediately you confirm the authenticity of the new bank account information provided by Mr. Julius Fletcher.
I demand an urgent response from you to enable us to proceed with the transfer.
Yours Truly,
Mr.Robert Gillespie
Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer
Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc.
email: <>
+44 7418 361 478
(WhatsApp Available)

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