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Yes, this is once again a pure scammer quickie, huge writing, nothing behind it. It’s all about the transport fees and the certification fees, which the crooks demand senselessly. A non-existent company supposedly delivers the papers to the door. This time for 650 US$ in the second mail for much less.

Therefore , it’s all identity theft, don’t reply, don’t send any personal documents, no money, move the mail to the digital bin.

Attn: Our Esteem Beneficiary

The United Nations has deposited your Overdue payment of USD3,800.000.00, with cOURIER SERVICE COMPANY DELIVERY.

This is regarding the draws the un Secretary General António Guterres organized on his visit to West Africa countries such as: Benin Republic, Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Mali Ivory cost, Burkina Faso etc…this is to help and fight human right individuals/ Scams victims and charity organization, Your name/email was listed among those who are to benefit from these compensation exercise.due to your unfinished Inheritance/Contract Transaction.

This said payment of USD3,800.000.00 has been programmed into an ATM CARD signed and approved in your name with Registration Reference No:FDXB/xxx/100.

Contact Person: Mr Kelly Bishop
Position:       International Delivery Expert.


For the delivery to your doorstep via Courier Delivery service with immediate effect. Send to him this mentioned details

1. Delivery Address:
2. Full Names:
3. Phone Number:
4. A scanned copy of your ID or passport.

Note,That it will cost you $650 usd for the shipment and an Insurance fee only and your ATM CARD worth $3.8M will be at your doorstep.

Your Faithfully
Mrs. Susan Norman Peters
Permanent Representative to the United Nations
United Nations Liaison Office
Directorate of International Payment

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