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The Refugee Scammer Story from Miss. Angelina Guthy

It is the season of the refugee scam again. Another story from the depths of the Sudan, this time a poor child named Miss. Angelina Guthy

She tells a story she has bought from someone. She wants to make money with her bad English.

This knitting pattern is the same as many other cases from the refugee cams section. Always a princess with a rich father who was not murdered or died in Covid-19. The story couldn’t be better, and the fake bank didn’t help either.

Therefore: Do not respond , do not send documents, it will probably serve to attract victims. Don’t send money, no matter how much the culprits beg. Or threaten. Transfer mail to digital bin.


My name is Miss. Angelina Guthy. My late father deals in Crude Oil
with the Federal Government of Sudan and we have a personal Oil firm
in Oil zone town in Sierra Leone. What I have experienced physically,
I don’t wish to experience again in my life due to the recent civil
and Ethnic crises caused by our President. I want to solicit your
assistance with trust to transfer and invest the $5.5 million
deposited by my late father to your country because my life is no
longer safe.

I escaped when the rebels burst into our house and killed my father
as one of the big oil dealers in the country. I left my country and
Presently, I am here in a refugee camp at Danani in Ivory Coast, the
same country where my father deposited this fund in a bank before he
died. I can not withdraw any money from the account locally until it
hits a foreign account as the fund was meant for onward transfer
abroad for business investment purposes.

I will wait to hear from you soon and see if you can able to claim the
fund in the bank as my new appointed new beneficiary and fund manager
and I will join you to your country as soon as you receive this fund
and plan together how this fund can be invested after taking out your
commission for assisting me while I further my education.

With love from
Miss. Angelina Guthy.

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