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Scam in the name of Mr Thabo Mbeki

With Thabo Mbeki came the downfall of South Africa. An obnoxious AIDS denier who gladly and often held out his hand here and there.

The ANC died under him.

Mandela’s ideals were betrayed and put guys like Zuma in strategic control of selling out South Africa. And so it came to pass, the tax money of an entire country disappeared, the infrastructure sold off.

Unfortunately, with Mbeki also came back the warning cry expressed by another despot, Pieter Willem Botha in his Rubicon speech. He had warned of a corrupt and wretched state in which ignorance and corruption reign. Unfortunately, starting with Mbeki, Botha proved to be right.

The scammers in this corrupt state also found this out, and they are now using the investment fraud for their own purposes. Don’t believe it, it’s some scammer from a settlement in Johannesburg or Durban who wants to make some money. An impersonator.

Therefore: Do not reply to the fake reverend, do not send any documents, but put the mail straight into the digital bin.

I am Mr Thabo Mbeki the former South Africa President. Sir.

In confident can I Invest a total of $150M in your company. Please if interested this should be 100% risk free and there should be a total confidential transaction. Please let me know if you are interested. More so you will be required to come to South Africa to sign the payment with my bank in which I’ll present you as an Investor. Iam waiting to hear from you.


Mr. T. Mbeki

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