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“Briexit” is dumb-Scammer as well

We ask ourselves, how stupid do you have to be to read something about the International Criminal Court in the newspaper and twenty minutes later, to concoct such a stupid email from various scammer emails.
It’s “Brexiet’s” fault, and the scribblers can’t even get that right. The Pinsler should have themselves examined. They are wasting their time and ours.

It still applies: Don’t fall for it. The story is fictitious, so don’t give out any documents or personal details, don’t reply, don’t send any money – but move the mail straight to the digital dustbin.

From the desk of
Mrs. Crystal Gordon
Director Human right activist
International   Criminal Court


We are contacting you based on the directives and instructions given to us by the World Bank headquarters Washington, D.C., United States, we the International Criminal Court. A mandate is given to us to scrutinize and verify all the listed names and details forwarded to our desk to ascertain their claims as a victim of fraud. This program is organized by the World Bank compensation management programs in Geneva Switzerland and the World Bank headquarters Washington, D.C., United States

Secondly to notify all beneficiaries trying to receive funds via the African/ United Kingdom /United States  since the announcement of the Briexit, all transaction in connection with the world bank and united  Nations has been withdraws from United Kingdom/United States  and have channeled their payment via the appointed affiliate Institution South East Bank.

Based on the above subject ,and for the fact that your name in among the list , you are advised to reconfirm your details so that we can ascertain your claim and give you a recognition for you to receive your funds  via the appropriate and approved institution  within the next couple of days.

Note that the earlier you send in your details the better chance for you to receive your fund.

Country of Origin:………
Means of Identification:…..
Phone Number:………….

Looking forward to your swift response

Yours Truly
Mrs. Crystal Gordon
Director Human right activist
International   Criminal Court

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