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Here we are again dealing with someone who believes that a false US government form is enough to make real money. He poses as the head of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, which is dangerous for him. It’s obvious that a stupid boy wants to make a lot of money. Don’t pay attention to him, don’t reply, straight into the bin. Again, do not send personal documents, the perpetrators would misuse them.

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network 




                                        RE-INTERCEPTION OF YOUR FUNDS VALUED AT USD$6.5MILLION DOLLARS

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network USA are to inform you that Your funds valued at US$6.5Million Dollars was intercepted by FinCEN which was transferred from BNP Paribas Bank, London. It was intercepted because you do not have a PATRIOT Act CERTIFICATION on your funds.
The USA PATRIOT Act of 2001 was enacted, the act’s Section 314(a) became a critical Tool for investigating persons suspected of Terrorism and/or Money Laundering. With the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) as the conduit, 314(a) enables law enforcement to solicit information from financial institutions related to such investigations through what is known as the FinCEN 314 list.
We therefore demand your immediate contact to this office within 24 hours to fill the attached Form with correct information for the processing/obtaining the PATRIOT Act CERTIFICATION.  You are directed to comply immediately to avoid any unwarranted action against you and your funds.

Yours faithfully,

Kenneth A. Blanco
Director of Operation
The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network(FinCEN)
Pennsylvania Avenue, NW 950 20530-0001
Pennsylvania Avenue, NW 950 20530-0001 United States of America

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