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From Scammer City: Dear Funds Beneficiary/Email Address Owner

Another example of the incompetence of the Nigerian Mafia. This shows that reports written by Nigerians are horrific, stupid, and easy to read. Many scammers buy available accounts for a few dollars and then simply put new names on them.

The story written here could have cost $10, although it must be said that the scammer would have to pay another $1000 to get rid of the illusion. This story has appeared before under different names and variants. Now with Bitcoin, this doesn’t improve it. The plot is exhausted,  and no one is really bullied anymore. For the same reason, false stories and stolen kingships don’t help either. IMF identity was stolen for this crazy masterpiece. Try not to reply or keep in touch with perpetrators or provide private information. Move email to advanced trash. Where should this email be.


IMF Our Ref: Ref:08469IMF/2022BY


Funds Payment and Bitcoin Recovery

July , 2022

Dear Funds Beneficiary/Email Address Owner,

I am pleased to inform you that you are one of the successful claimants and will receive a total compensation payment and recovery of lost funds/Bitcoin of USD Seven Million United states dollars only ($7,000,000). IMF fund /Bitcoin recovery committee of the International monetary funds is empowered to assist you in linewidth the policy resolution of the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND( I.M.F ) act 2001 section 35 sub sections 35b to ensure that you received the allocated amount

You are therefore advised to reconfirm your information’s, as given below to email(, to begin the process of filing your claim and payment of funds/BTC Recovery. Payment Beneficiary’s Full Names:(First Name, Middle Name, Surname).

1. Sex: 2. Date of Birth 3. Nationality: 4. Occupation: 5. Physical Address: 6. Telephone Number and E-Mail Address: 7. Compensation Amount: 8. Copy of Identity Document (Passport ID, National ID Card or Drivers’ License): We expect your urgent confirmation and response to this email as directed to enable the IMF fund /Bitcoin recovery committee process and execute your payment effectively.


Yours sincerely.., Mr. David Boily, Managing Director: International Monetary Fund (IMF)

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