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Tag : International Monetary Fund (IMF)

IMF Scam

Scott Edward and his moronic IMF story

It is astonishing to see the methods with which even the most stupid scams can be exploited to the point of unrecognisability....
Compensation Scam Featured

Scammers all mixed up

Everyone knows that these connections do not exist, or cannot exist, neither the money nor the entire connections via the oh-so-benevolent authorities....
ATM Scam Featured IMF Scam

Scammers Code

A lunatic who has completely lost control of the reality that usually surrounds him may have drafted the latest letter in the series....
ATM Scam Featured IMF Scam Impersonator Scam

Ms.Kristalina Georgieva and her Fake Clone

It is amazing how even the most stupid scams can be exploited beyond recognition....
Impersonators Impersonators Godwin Emefiele Nigeria Scam Nigerian Scam

Godwin Emefieles ATM Card

Everyone is used to Godwin Emefiele. After all, he is the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria and seems to have a whole fan...

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