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Compensation Scam Nigerian Scam

Eric Thompson – Scammers Secret Service

We had to laugh when a reader sent us this bizarre piece of scam. On behalf of a Nigerian, the agent Thompson writes. Miserable....
Corona or Covid19 Scam IMF Scam

Mamma Cash or Mammie Kesh

The multiple identity theft of Mrs. Kristalina Georgieva doesn't make the story any better because all the contributors are supposedly from the 1200, Fitch Way...
IMF Scam Nigeria Scam Nigerian Scam

File FASN: OSB/629578/NIG/GFS64G

This would please the gentlemen so much. They need more identities of victims so that they can commit countless crimes with the papers and documents....
IMF Scam Impersonator Scam

Scammers Crap and Corruption

You'd think the sick mind that wrote this nonsense also drank too much bad corn beer before writing down all the names, a list of...
Government Scam

Interpol Fake Calling

The scammer thinks that the logo and a somewhat more selective way of expressing himself will help him to achieve his goal....
Articles about Scam

A Fata morgana from the International Monetary Fund

This story is hoax again. The IMF is only meant to be the carrier of the message. Someone else is contacted and immediately told that...

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