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Scammers Murder Story-Mrs. Maureen Greaves

person s hands covered with blood

An intricate web of lies

An email opener for a complete scam.

By all means, we believe the scribbler of this lines is sick. Yes, without doubt.

There are poor lines, and the mail is undignified.

It is just a story to collect alleged notary fees, transfer fees, or other delivery fees.

These are all lies, the perpetrators come from West Africa. No personal information, no money, no documents should be sent. Please move the mail to the digital trash bin.
The dead sick person was reported by our reader to the police, thank you very much for the example.

We reported in the category of the Terminal Ill Scam before.

Hello Dear,

I am Mrs. Maureen Greaves, a Widow and Cancer patient from United
Kingdom (UK) but based in Finland since after the killing of my
husband Late Alan Greaves (PhD} who was murdered  On Christmas Eve in
2013,the shocking story was on BBC News,

I am sicknow,please  I want you to assist me so that SB Bank of Finland will
release my Late husband Mr.Alan Greaves 51,000,000.00USD in their bank
to you because this fund is Charity.

You are going to use 21,000,000.00 for Charity and 20,000,000.00 for
you and 10,000,000.00 for my medical bills,the reason why I contacted
you is because I am very sick and I can’t be able to handle this
myself. So get back to me if only you can handle this transaction,and
I also need your honesty.

I Remain your sister in Christ.
Mrs. Maureen A. Greave

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1 comment

Boctor Bill December 27, 2022 at 11:46 PM

Yup. I just got one from “” claiming to be a Ukrainian war widow on the run with her daughter. Of course, like all these same African scams, weird capitalizations, etc.


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