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A Scammers Day in Angola

aerial photo of buildings near coast

Firstly, of course, the companies mentioned in Angola have nothing to do with the fraud.

This can also make us angry.

A country like Angola the, shaken, shattered and destroyed by decades of civil war, is plagued by corruption.

Some believe that any means will do to jump on the bandwagon.

If the fools think their stories will attract people, they need to familiarise themselves with the topography of the country and the history of Angola.

There are not enough brains and minds of hacks to do that.

It makes them look ridiculous.

Being a fraudster does not make it better.

Therefore, anyone who receives this mails should immediately throw it in the digital trash. Don’t reply, don’t send any documents nor money to this dirt of the human society. look down on the scammers, that’s all they deserve.

It is better to have flowers ready for the countless dead of Cuando Cubango. Enough people have died on all sides. Most of the victims are not mentioned in their headlines.

Angola will rise again.

Good day,

My name is Mashuk Shah, a Liaison officer with the Angolan National Petroleum and Gas Agency.

I am writing to extend a business request for you to stand as an agent or middle-man in a crude oil supply contract. I am assuring you that good profits will be earned. I will provide exclusive details to you upon your reply.

Warmest regards,

Mashuk Shah
Agência Nacional de Petróleo
Gás e Biocombustíveis
Edifício Torres do Carmo-Torre 2 Avenida de Portugal
Rua Lopes de Lima, Município de Luanda, Angola

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