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The Scam Investigation Unit is something that no one needs.

The scammers are already investigating themselves, very dumb and useless. They came up with the same story about the investigation in the last year.

This is a further step forward in the years-long struggle for a scam-free world. Yes, a world without scams. African investigators have taken matters into their own hands and have already set the trap. They themselves.’

This story is not true, of course.

Another attempt at evil pawn catching from Nigeria. It is not a good idea to fall for it. Please don’t give out any documents or personal details, don’t reply, don’t send any money, but instead move the mail straight to the digital dustbin.

Scam Investigation Unit (S.I.U)

2255 Carlinesd Ave., Suite 500lgn, island K2B 7Z5  Nigeria

DIRECT LINE -+234 9121758254

Attn: Beneficiary 

This is to inform you that the United State Government Authority in collaboration with the Nigerian Government and Scam Investigation Unit (SIU) has been alleged to monitor all transaction from our Monetary Network System here in Nigeria; You are instructed to stop any transactions you are having with anyone in regards of your long awaited Fund, This information is reaching you now because we discovered that you have been involved in a transaction with a lots of fraudsters here in Nigeria and Benin republic Ghana etc, We are glad to inform you today that after all our efforts we have been able to get one of those scammers arrested this morning, One of the arrested fraudster is here in our custody and his a well-known internet fraudster who confessed that he has defrauded you some amount of money, Be inform that we are going to send you his photos for your own view, The Federal Government of Nigeria is compensating all the Scam victims with the sum of $5 Five Million United State Dollars, All the suspects will be charged to court in conclusion of investigation and prosecuted in line with the Cyber crime Prevention/Prohibition Act, 2015. 

Now contact the office of Remittance Department with all your information and apply for the release/of your compensation Fund worthy the sum of $5 Five Million United State Dollars through the office of (Dr. Abdu Abubakar) of Remittance Department Central Bank of Nigeria and ask him to release your compensation Fund to you with immediate effect. Remittance Department InformationName: Dr. Abdu AbubakarEmail Address:………………………………………………………..

Below is the information you need to forward to him for the release of your compensation Fund. 

Your Full Names:

Your Home Address:

Your Age /Occupation:Your Phone / Fax Number: 

Yours Faithfully

Hon. Raymond Steve DIRECT LINE -+234 9121758254

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