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Scammers “Shipment of Two Metal Trunk Boxes”

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Poor, poorer, scammer, but no, this time the Ghanaians or Nigerians have also copied from each other, probably just when their rattling moped was being repaired somewhere. This time the story is to be judged even without an airport, only by the ominous Mr. Brown.It is enough to write,you are boss. Yes, it’s enough for that: don’t answer, don’t send documents or money, move the mail into the designated bin.

This is urgent notification and we have received signal from The head
office concerning your pending payment inheritance funds delivery of
$8Million USD consignment 2 trunk boxes and concerning your
outstanding contract inheritance payment. Please advised that we are
ready for delivery to your doorstep your 2 trunk boxes  and we are
expecting your response and cooperation and also your full name, phone
number and your delivery address.
Thank you and we shall be waiting to hear from you to commence the
delivery of your $8Million USD Trunk Boxes
Thank you,
David Brown
Head Officer-in-Charge
Administrative Service Inspection Unit.

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