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The World Cup of Torturers and Scammers

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Not that there were already enough crooks in connection with the World Cup 22 in Qatar, now apparently the last one is crawling out of his cave and trying to make another deal. Lottery mix without sense and reason, nobody falls for it anymore. The lottery is over.

Therefore, do not reply, do not send any private information, no money, move the mail to the digital trash bin.


I am Mr. Mohamed Suleiman the Strategic and information officer for Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Award winning Promo.

Your email address has won you One Million Three Hundred  and Ninety Thousand United States Dollars (US$1.390,000.00) in the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup with winning reference number: QAT84/WCRDW/3056/2022, Batch number : WQA/R53/WN015. 

Note that your email account was one of the random selected emails globally via World- Wide Web online lottery draw and Qatar is using this medium to assist lucky winners with the opportunity of visiting and exploring the rapid economic development and business opportunities in Qatar.

The Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup organizing committee has contracted the management of First National United Kingdom to handle payments of lucky winners from Africa & Europe and you are directed to open communication with the financial institution to claim your prize winning. Use the below information to open communication with the management of First National Bank and also it is important to quote your Winning reference number/Batch number to the financial institution for their confirmation of your prize winning.

First National Bank
First National House
College Road, Harrow
United Kingdom
Contact Person; Mr. Reuben Philips

Congratulations in advance

Mr. Mohamed Suleman
Strategic & information Officer

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