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The message you have received is an example of an e-mail scam that uses the name of the Federal Reserve to deceive you. It is an attempt at phishing, i.e. a fraudulent communication aimed at obtaining your personal or financial information. The message contains several warning signs, such as :

Spelling and grammatical errors.
Requests for payment of fees via gift cards or money transfers.
Unjustified promises of large sums of money.
Unofficial or suspicious e-mail addresses.

The Federal Reserve will never contact you with unsolicited telephone calls or e-mails asking for money or any other personal information. You should not respond to this message or click on any links it contains. You should also report this scam to the Federal Reserve and the appropriate authorities.

33 Liberty St, New York, NY 10045, United States.
Founded: 1914, New York, United States.
Monday – Friday.
8 Am.-9 PM.
Saturday and Sunday.
8 Am.-4 PM.
Tel: +1 (917) 382-1838

FUND TRANSFER NOTIFICATION FROM F.R.B. The Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States, provides the nation with a safe, flexible, and stable monetary and financial system.

************SUCCESSFULLY TRANSACTION****************


This is to let you know that we have received instructions from the World Bank compensation inheritance office to credit your bank account with US$50,000,000.00. ( Fifty Million United States Dollars Only ) from the  World Bank and United Nations compensation inheritance Office. Be informed that we have been mandated by the World Bank and United Nations Organization to transfer your long overdue inheritance/compensation payment valued US$50,000,000.00. ( Fifty Million United States Dollars Only ). with immediate effect.

To proceed with the release/transfer of your funds as instructed by United Nations/F.R.B Federal Reserve Bank, you are required to furnish us with your below listed particulars for IMMEDIATE evaluation and processing of payment/funds transfer. Therefore, you are officially advised to stop all communications with whosoever that you are dealing with that is promising you that he will release your fund to you.

Note that we are only working with the instructions given to Our Federal Reserve Bank Of New York Office by the World Bank and United Nation to credit your bank account with the sum of US$50,000,000.00 ( Fifty Million United States Dollars Only ). Without any further delay, If you work and follow the instructions given to you immediately. Be informed that you are to keep this as a secret between yourself and know the condition will you discussing this funds with anybody else.

Re-confirm The Following.

(1). Your Full Name:
(2). Residential address:
(3). Country:
(4). Phone Number:
(5). [WhatsApp] Mobile:
(6). State of Origin:
(7). Occupation:
(8). Copy of your identity Card.
(9). Copy of your driving License Card.
(9). Your Private Email:

We wait for your swift response to enable Our Federal Reserve Bank Of New York to proceed with the transfer as instructed by the World Bank
Organization immediately. Please Reply this email strictly at ( )

Thank you for using The Federal Reserve Bank Of New York Office, Hope to hear from you soon.

Tel: +1 (917) 382-1838

Thanks and God bless you.
Mr. Jerome Hayden Powell.
CEO Of Federal Reserve Bank Of New York.

The privacy and security of your Bank account details is important to us. ( ).

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