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I need your help with Saddam

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Saddam, of course, has been the benchmark for buried treasure since his execution. After all, he himself was pulled out of a hole in the ground.

The execution of the Iraqi despot had turned the matter into a show for the scammers. Countless mails are coming in every day now, maybe Saddam had not buried any NBC weapons, but all the treasures of the Euphrates and Tigris. At least, if you believe the busy minds that write this nonsense. Same as, don’t write back, don’t disclose any data and don’t take anything from them.

I need your help

The money, which is now in the custody of a security company, is

part of the money he took from the end of Saddam Hussein, but I don’t know

declared. Right now I’m in Baghdad trying to put things in order

with the Security Company to ensure a smooth transfer and

unimpeded of the money to you, so be sure that the transfer is

safe and free of risk.

My colleague and I need a good partner, someone we can trust

update this company, but we’re moving forward through diplomats

the means to your home directly or in a safe and guaranteed place of your

choice using a shipping company, but can we trust you?

One once the nthe funds to come to you, you take your 40% out and keep our

own 60%, if you are interested I will provide you with more details,

awaiting your response.

Note: I will only receive replies at this email address at

continuation, since any e-mail that does not come to this e-mail will not be


Thank you for your understanding.


Best regards,

Sgt.Joey Jones Jones

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