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Thank you so much for your reply and accepting my proposal. How is life over there, hope you and your family are fine, am fine over here in Afghanistan. Like i said my name is (SGT. NANCY V. EDWARDS) a UNITED STATE OF AMERICA Citizen, from Charlotte, North Carolina considers Portland Oregon, i graduated from Parkrose Senior High School, Portland Oregon, Presently i am in Afghanistan at war zone for peace keeping mission due to the WAR crisis going on here in Afghanistan.
About me, i like to meet new people, I have a good heart, I have a loving heart and am very respectful and kind Woman, my own Religious is Catholic Christian, I never judge others and am very compassionate, i love to appreciate the little things in life and am very respectful.
Dear, i have my reasons to contact you as i have something very important to share with you in my next mail. I wish to start a very strong relationship with you and my relationship with you will bring a lot of great changes in our life.  I want you to understand that relationship does not count distance and age. Dear, what do you do for a living to overcome economical expenses and to sustain your life and family? I know we just know each other but we can share ideas 
and discuss about important things and more issues as we talk about ourselves, I like to think positively and I care about other people’s feelings. I will be very happy to know more about you, like your hobbies, Interest, Life style, Religious believe, i will also love to see your recent pictures, like i always says i have very important issue to share and discuss with you in my next mail so that you will give me a solution about it, Let me stop here for now, i expect an urgent respond from you soon. 
Yours FaithfullySGT. NANCY V. EDWARDS




Hi. My name is Nancy Edwards. I am a soldier working as United Nations peace keeping. It’s my pleasure to contact you after going through your profile it really interest me to have communication with you as a new friend, you can also write me through email ( to enable a fast reply, i will be waiting to hear from you soon. please don’t forget to contact me by mail , I have very important something to discuss with you.


Email (

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