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Stone old story

Some scammers seem to think that once the story has been off the market for a while, they can vary it.

This might work once, maybe twice, but now the story has a grey long beard that can’t win a pot of gold.

In 2010, geologists found an oil field in Afghanistan, but that just now made this gentleman rich is quite unlikely.

Hands off, don’t give out any data, don’t send any money for the transport of the box, whatever is supposed to be hidden in it, the story is by now a boring hoax – put it in the digital dustbin.


Sorry for the late response as I was engaged in a Special Training (ST) in the Camp that lasted for weeks and I have not been chanced to access my email and reply to you.

I am very happy to receive your email letter and I am also glad that you accepted to assist me so that we can work together as partners to receive this funds that I was able to secure from the crude oil deal I did with few of my colleagues herein Kabul Afghanistan. Honestly, I feel so relaxed doing this business with you, and I want to assure you 100% with the life of my family that you will never regret doing this business with me.  am a married man with two kids, I love my family so much, and I will like to trust you with full hope and believe that you are (capable) to handle this transaction with me in good faith for our mutual benefit as i am willing to offer you 40% of the total funds for your assistant after the successful completion of the shipment comes to you.

I decided to go for a secured site to contact you, so that I can be sure of the person for real not an imaginary, since I deposited the consignment to the Red Cross Security company, through  the help of the red cross Agent by informing them that i will make contact for the real owner of the box and whosoever that appointed to them by me is entitled to be the real owner of the box, and I have considered to work with you, having it in mind that your name and details have to be legalized  as the real owner of the consignment box for our mutual benefit.

                                                THE DELIVERY GOES THIS WAY:

Once I register the consignment in your name, the Airplane that will be used is their Red Cross Jet, which equally has its own immunity because of the nature of its work, They usually travel to LONDON UK with a Red Cross Jet to distribute some relief materials and Artifacts from other part of Europe to the refugees over there, where they have a diplomatic immunity on ground, and  I have  decided to use this (Means) to move this (CONSIGNMENT) out of Afghanistan to LONDON UK, where you can easily go for the pickup (OR) you can NEGOTIATE with the diplomat in LONDON UK to bring the consignment from LONDON UK to your home address for your available pickup and i will like you to take care of that…

                                                         MY TERMS

1) The diplomat who is in possession to deliver the box to you must not know about the content of the box.

2) You are only entitle to withdraw inside the Box, 40% as i promised and to keep the remaining balance of 60% safe for me till i visit your Country.
My aim is to move this consignment to your designated Country,  where I was planning to  start up investment with any reliable partner as you may be, and I will do exactly as I said, Since the (High Top Officials) has promised  to re- deploy us  back to your country soon. I have thought it wise not to lose this great opportunity by transferring this consignment cash-box to your city, through Diplomatic Courier Service for your available pickup.  All I want from you is your Full Maximum, Support and your trust to actualize this golden opportunity for the future of your family & mine as well. I think this  is the very right time  to pay myself back for all I have suffered here in AFGHANISTAN coupled with  the loss of  my friend’s life here & I promise to release to you the secret PIN CODE of the box  for your withdrawal access.
I am a man of my word, a man of integrity; I have a reputation for honesty. I can’t chase a shadow at my age. Please let our agreement be standby as agreed. Meanwhile i will like you to furnish me below: 

Your name_________________

Your address____________________

Your telephone number _________________ 

So that i can be able to make the registration of the consignment in your name through the  help of the Red Cross Agent for our mutual benefit and i am going to prepare every document making you the rightful  owner of  the consignment to ascertain the claim for our Celebration  and note that this  transaction is 100% risky free and with the (IMMUNITY) of the diplomat, the box will be successfully delivered to you without any problem obligation along the road on the process of the shipment to you.

Regards, Capt. Patrick Williams


Kabul Afghanistan

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