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HSBC certainly does not have it easy. Accused of supporting criminal and terrorist organizations for years, the bank had to pay a heavy fine. This attracted the scammers like moths to a flame. Here, Nigerians probably show their dumbest side and steal the identity of a leading manager of the bank in Canary Wharf at the same time. The scammers don’t mind. Of course, none of the story is true, the bank nor the manager Emmett has anything to do with it. Therefore, do not send any personal data, no amounts that would justify the transport of a card. Send it straight to the digital dustbin. That’s all this stupid email with an idiotic story is worth.




Attn: Beneficiary,


We write to inform you that Series of meetings have been held over the past 2 weeks with the Secretary General of United Nations,U.S Department of State and Africa Union Organization this ended last week.


During the meeting, this organization discovered that you have not received your funds due to past corrupt Government Officials who almost held the funds to themselves for their selfish reason and some individuals who have taken advantage of your fund all in an attempt to defraud you, which has led to unnecessary delay in releasing the funds to you.

The United Nations/ U.S. Department of State and Africa Union Organization have successfully passed a payment mandate to our bank, to clear all over due Contract funds, Lottery winnings and Inheritance funds owed to you and other individuals/organizations who have been found not to have receive their long overdue payment.

A woman by name (MRS: CINDY MAY A CITIZEN OF USA) came to our office with an application stating that you gave her the power of attorney to be the beneficiary of your Outstanding funds. She made us to believe that you are dead and that she is your next of kin. We decided to send you email through this address hoping to find out if you are dead or alive and also to find out if you at any time gave this woman the power of attorney to represent you. We are almost ready to release part payment of $21.5M USD of your outstanding funds to her but we decided to contact you before we can take any action because of the sensitivity of the transaction and the amount of money that is involved:


For immediate release of your funds to you legally as the legal recipient if you did not authorize Cindy May, you are required to send YOUR FULL NAME, CURRENT ADDRESS, CELL PHONE AND FAX NUMBER for onward proceeding on how you are going to receive the said funds legally .You have 48hrs from now to do that.


Yours Sincerely,


Mr. James Emmett
HSBC Chief Executive Officer .

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