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Nyima’ Dirty Brikama Trick- Agressive Begging Scam

It is always the same trick that the perpetrators from Brikama use. The names are smoke and mirrors, the trick nasty and contemptuous of humanity.

The aggressive beggars make their business with text modules-and the best i-phone

Like the legions falling sea over Twitter accounts – the point Nyima is interested in, is money. Cash. A cash-sucker from The Gambia.

Same story, the orphans from Brikama, screenshot 2022

This time not by Western Union or Money Gram, but by World Remit. They tell the same story over and over again, parents dead, they live in poverty, school they had to drop out. After some nice words it is a brutal hunt that then begins, World Remit is the way out. You are supposed to pay immediately -tearful emojis punctuate the story which becomes more and more absolute crazy.

Dozens of these young men photographed in poverty suddenly appear in the time line, and all just want a few dollars- preferably a few many dollars. It seems to be organised crime from The Gambia. At least the trail ends there and again to Brikama.

Therefore: never answer, never send money, even if the pressure is high. Do not believe, they are in poverty. They would even use the data on the sheet of World Remit for further crimes. Never send money, just go to the police or inform as well Twitter. Just barr the offenders on social media.

Twitter of Nyiama

How are you doing today

Rotes Herz

That great to here that fro you How is your been day I am from the Gambia west Africa an u

Rotes Herz

Yes I am GambiaI am living in Brikama do you no Brikama

I am 18 years old living with my old wake grandma at home and with my little brother and sister too but sadly have lost both my parents before in years ago too sad

Enttäuschtes Gesicht

, but god knows the reason .. What about you , do have a family over there ?

Oh okay no problem, I wish you all the best stay safe !!!

I didn’t give up , all I wanted it’s going back to school and complete my studies but sadly the situation isn’t being easy toward on us but god is gray everything will be ok some days !!! Yes education is the best things to success in life especially here in The Gambia , without no education life get so hard and horrible !! Am glad to hear that life is good with you , may that continue and the lord be with you protect you from all bad things and evil spirits indeed amen

Gefaltete Hände

so sorry for your president , am sure all things are going to be ok as soon as possible , god be with you all the time I am a male , I’m a young boy , this isn’t fake I can’t never do such toward you , Why would I ever be such to scam on people I just meet , that’s so unfortunate I can’t never be such a child, I am a real , and a true believer I will send some photos of me and my family members ahead

Well friend please my parents are sick that why I lost them..?

live so hard for us It really breaks my heart and brings so many tears to my face to see my little ones crying too sad at home for food and water to eat

Weinendes Gesicht

Well my friend ok and you see my friend me and my family are here in great sadness of tears here my friend please me and my family are living here without anything to eat at home here please just with every bit you can help us with dough then noon is here to save my family. Please try to help me and my family so we can buy some food to eat at home for God’s sake

Lächelndes Gesicht mit Träne
Lächelndes Gesicht mit Träne
Lächelndes Gesicht mit Träne
Lächelndes Gesicht mit Träne
Lächelndes Gesicht mit Träne

Please if you trying to help me just a little amount I will appreciate it please

Ok which month do you like to help me and my family members please I don’t have food to eat at home right now please please

Please what ever come fro your heart I will appreciate it.You can just see what you want to help me in your heart I will appreciate it please Lächelndes Gesicht mit TräneLächelndes Gesicht mit Träne

Well friend I can sent you my address were you can help me Is a easy way can help me please …?

here is the worldremit address Country name: (Gambia )

Flagge von Gambia

Send it through: (Cash pickup) Following step choose: (Any Cash Minutes Network) First name: (Abdoulie Last name: (Jallow Address line: (Brikama Sanneh kunda Ba ) City/Town: (Brikama Town) Mobile phone:(+220 7023419 Email: (

Thanks you dear brother You can sent me today I don’t have food to eat at home right now If you trying to help me today by name of god bless you so much please

I am be waiting you your help please

Lächelndes Gesicht mit Träne


Oh brother that is too long if I die fro may I don’t have food to eat at home right

.I am be waiting you up to may right now I am very hungry right now please

I am very young boy I can’t work I use to going to school but I lost my school

Their is one Internet cafe in our village where I normally go to and sweep the cafe and they will give me some time to get access on Internet cafe.. I’m 18 old years and yes they are my brothers. That’s just a T shirt I don’t know why it’s written there.. If you don’t believe me I can write down your name on a piece of paper and take a picture and send you or we do a video call for you to believe me that I’m real

Well friend please if you don’t believe me I can sent you my family members

Okay no problem friend, I am tell you the true

Please I am not a scammer please

Why you tell me I’m not hungry right now

I no you don’t want to help me please

My address is a scammer address

Please you can trying to understand me

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