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Another story from the shallow grave-Cooker Monica


Another call from the shallow grave. A “lady” is dying. Again and again. Over and over. It’s common in Nigeria to abuse everything to make money in Europe. The perpetrators operate from England, France, Spain, and Hungary.

We reported in numerous other cases. It’s not a new trick but comes in increasingly frequent variations. The “do-gooders” vary in sums and names.

The money is collected in Nigeria or at disbursement points in Abidjan. Several thousand euros are involved for alleged fake notaries in Africa. An entire industry lives from the income from the 419- scam and due to the social disparity in Africa, more are added every day. As with all other scams of this kind, do not reply or send any documents. Put the mail in the dustbin, that’s what it’s for.

Dear friend, Nice to meet you here.

My name is Cooker Monica, I am a widow of late Mr. James Cooker, a real estate businessman from Florida. We are very wealthy, we have a lot of properties including shares and houses. I am 71 years old now dedicated to contributing to the happiness of the less privileged members of the society. I now live in France, I am suffering from cancer of the pelvic, my condition is very serious, according to my doctor it is quite obvious that I may not survive the sickness. The story of my life is pathetic. I have never really cared for others but my family and our fortune until my husband and our only son died in of coronavirus in April and May 2020.

This event devastated me and changed the course of my life and I made up my mind to do the work of my creator by giving to the needy. I sold all my husband’s properties and shares to enable me raise money to continue my mission. I raised the sum of 7 million Euros which I deposited with BNP Paribas here in France. Now that my sickness has gone to this stage, I am scared and I want the funds to be used for the work of God all over the world. I have prayed to God to direct me to an honest person who will receive this fund and utilize it for things that will glorify the name of God, after my prayers, I decided to search the Internet, I registered on Twitter and God led me to your profile, so I contacted you to receive the funds. This is on the condition that you will take only 20% of the funds for yourself, while you will distribute the remaining 80% to charity organisations in your country.

I can not predict what will be my fate by the time the funds will be transferred into your account, but you should please ensure that the fund is used as I have described above. Please I need your urgent responds as soon as possible on my private email:

Thank you,

Most sincerely,

Mrs. Cooker Monica

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