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Mr. William Vals engagement with the Exxon Mobil Corporation

It’s common in Nigeria to abuse everything to make money in Europe. The perpetrators operate from England, France, Spain and Hungary.

We reported in numerous other cases. It’s not a new trick, but comes in increasingly frequent variations. The “do-gooders” vary. now it is Mr.Vals who is suffering lung cancer. He did a deal with Exxon Mobil Corporation.This what he said in his strange mail. Now he is looking for somneone who is stupid enough to clear his contract. Why should he the balance must be just transfered. No there is no contract whatssoever and he wants to make money with fake notaries and transport.

The money is collected in Nigeria or at disbursement points in Abidjan. Several thousand euros are involved for alleged fake notaries in Africa. An entire industry lives from the income from the 419- scam and due to the social disparity in Africa, more are added every day. Therefore don not answer, do not send any personal documents. As with all other scams of this kind, do not reply or send any documents. Put the mail in the dustbin, that’s what it’s for.

My Good Friend

I am Mr. William Vals the owner of Vals Construction Inc. I am a British Citizen.  Last year the Exxon Mobil Corporation awarded a contract to my company for the total overhauling and turns around maintenance of an oil refinery. The total amount for the contract was $25million. They advanced $15million and I used my own money to add to the $15million, to duly complete the contract as required, it was commissioned. I later paid off my workers since I had no other contract with that company
The contract was completed, commissioned and the refineries are working perfectly as I write you this email and since then Exxon Mobil Corporation has not paid the balance of $10million. Not until a few days I got information that the company is ready to pay the balance of $10million.
Because my health situation is critical I decided to contact you to stand as my representative and receive this balance of $10million and use as I proposed below.
Regarding my health situation, I was diagnosed with lung cancer and admitted in a hospital and after series of diagnoses carried out on me, the doctor told me that I will not live much longer from now because my body system is no longer responding well to any medications, couple with the fact that my larynx was removed last week from my anterior neck (throat) because the cancer has extended all over my body which makes it impossible for me to talk well again. My wife and my only child died eight year ago in a car accident. I was the only child of my late parents and I have no relations  I chose you to receive this money because you bear the same name with my child. You are a better option for me than to allow it to be paid to my account and it ends up in the hands of rich bankers when I die.
My last wish is that you use the money to help the poor and the needy no matter where they come from, according to how God may/will direct you.

Yours sincerely,
William Vals

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