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Terminal Ill Scam

Another terminal ill scammer from South Africa

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This lady has been dying for years. Now there is a new version that knows about terminal fraud. For the first time, they are using social networking sites such as Twitter. It is a waste of millions of dollars, which are only there because of the scammer’s trick.It is pathetic and completely pointless, because everyone has seen through the trick. We wish the scammer a quick recovery from this kind of stupidity.

So our advice to our readers is this: Don’t reply, don’t send any documents, don’t send any money in advance. And throw the mail in the digital trash.

My Dear Friend, God bless you.

I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Mrs. Elizabeth A. Johnson from the Republic of South Africa. I am reaching out to you as a believer in the almighty God and as someone who is currently battling advanced breast cancer. Unfortunately, my condition has worsened, and the doctors predict that I may have no more than three months to live.

I lost my husband, Dr. A. Johnson, to a politically motivated incident five years ago. He was a wealthy businessman involved in the Gold/Diamond industry and also worked as a security contractor for the US embassy.

Following his passing, I inherited his business and wealth. Given my limited time left, I have made the decision to distribute a portion of this wealth to help the less privileged, the homeless, the elderly, and those in need in your country and other countries of your choice. I came across your email address during my search on the internet, and I prayed to God to guide me to an honest person who can assist me in fulfilling this wish before my health deteriorates further.

I would like to donate the sum of $5,600,000.00 USD (Five Million Six hundred thousand United States dollars) to support those in need. Please note that this fund is currently held in a bank here in South Africa. If you are interested and willing to help me in this act of charity, kindly let me know.

Once I hear back from you, I will provide you with all the necessary information to facilitate the release and transfer of these funds to your bank account. It is my earnest prayer that this money, when transferred to you, will be used for the intended purpose, as I have come to realize that acquiring wealth without the grace of God is meaningless.

May the grace of God be with you and your family. I eagerly await your response. With warm regards, Mrs. Elizabeth A. Johnson Here is my email address and phone number Email= Phone= +27-72-490-1815 Thanks and God bless you.

Yours Beloved Sister Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson

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