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At the moment, countless gangsters seem to have set out to supply the world with their sick stories from 1001 Nights.

No one cares because the stories are so badly lied together that no one wants to read them anyway.

Mazer is another one of those stories that gets you redirected to the site of a fake bank.

Therefore: We wish the scammers the best of health, especially mental health, and you, dear reader, please do not reply, do not send any documents and no money. Dispose of the mails in the digital rubbish.

Attention Please,

My Letter:

Thanks for the swift response to my brief email also I’m happy to hear
that you are safe from the pandemic. My Julie Mazer, I am sorry to
have encroached into your privacy in this manner, however.

My name is Mrs. Julie Mazer from Brooklyn New York. a sick woman, I
have decided to donate what I have to charity through you. You may be
wondering why I chose you, but someone has to be chosen.

I am 75 years old woman and was diagnosed for cancer of brain about 2
years ago, I inherited a total sum of $9.8 million dollars from my
late husband Mr. Fred Mazer, My late husband is a civil engineer
working with Cleveland bridge company Cleveland bridge , as an
Engineer with the company.

With due respect, I want you to receive this fund on my behalf through
and use it to help people over there and build a school for the poor.

God will bless you as you do this work, I will be happy seeing this to
accomplish, so I will have eternal Joy.

You can reach me through my family email address:

This is yours beloved
Mrs Julie Mazer

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