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It is always the same game – pleasing terminally ill donors to write these stories to earn a few more dollars in fake notary fees.
The stories are about corrupt officials who have their hand out somewhere in the world and want to collect the victims’ money.
A good spirit like the one sending emails now, unfortunately, no longer exists in this world.

Recently there have been countless emails from sick people whose story is always the same. Shortly before dying alone, the unknown sick person suffers from the most gruesome diseases, such as parasites or tropical fever, they have to donate and have chosen exactly this mail address to finally get rid of the donation.

Don’t fall for it, none of this is true. The scammers have sent this email to many recipients and are trying to collect the fees, mostly via Western Union or Moneygram.

Therefore, do not send any personal details, do not reply to the scammer, and please do not send any ID card or anything like that, it would be used for other crimes like money laundering or human trafficking. You would inevitably get into trouble, do not send any money, it would be irrevocably lost, throw this mail into the designated digital trash.

Dear beloved,

I am Andrew Walters, I am a sick man who was diagnosed with cancer six years ago. My main reason for contacting you is because I want to entrust a charity project to you, I know this may sound so strange to you and also extremely risky for me to offer such a proposal to a total stranger via email but this is my last resort to get this done.

I am looking for a confidant, someone to help fulfil my last wish.

Hope to read from you. I will appreciate your selfless act towards the less privileged, I don’t mind if you could be of trustful help. I will be waiting to read from you urgently as time is of essence due the limited time I have and my ill health condition.

Kind regards,
Mr Andrew Walters

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