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Questions and Answers about Scam #1

We had promised our readers for quite some time to answer all the questions that reached us in numerous e-mails.

First, we would like to thank you for the kind wishes and the many e-mails we have received over the last few months.

We will answer each and every question one by one. There are simply too many.

The layout of was the idea of Scambaiter, who had thought of setting up this forum as a quasi news journal because there is always something new to report about the scammers.

There are many boards, and we want to explain and not just print the news of the scammers. We especially want to give certain explanations.

First question: Who are you actually?

The question came from New Zealand, and it was quite amusing. Of course, we can’t mention the names of those who ask us the questions or those who work on tackling Africa’s problems differently than those who make this scam possible for us to publish at all.

We are lawyers, journalists, web designers and ordinary citizens who contribute to this forum.

We currently publish in four languages: English, German, French and Spanish.

Most of the scam is directed against Europe and the United States of America, increasingly now also against Australia and New Zealand.

There are also many enquiries from Argentina and Chile.

This answers a question from a reader in Russia. Unfortunately, we cannot publish in Russian because there would be insurmountable difficulties for us in Cyrillic. But we will try to create a spin-off of in the near future. But this will take some time. We ask for your understanding.

Who of you came up with the idea of making in the first place, and when was that?

Actually, we wanted to start in 2000, to put all the e-mails that came in at that time into a forum or to print them. Sometimes the fax machines were overheated with crap overnight, most of which came from Nigeria. For many years, we collected all the scams and I think the way we have designed it now is the best solution.

We started in 2009 in different forums. Then we had tried Google in 2015. But that didn’t work. After that, the project itself was dead until the file fell into my hands again when I was cleaning up the old computer, and that’s how we came to in its current form.

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