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Questions and Answers about Scam #5

What do the scammers do with our papers if we were stupid enough to upload your passport or driving licence and send it?

The first thing to do is to report to the police or the relevant authorities in each country that this passport or driving licence has been “virtually” stolen.

One should get new papers in order not to enable further crimes with these papers from the very beginning, which the scammers exploit without restraint.

It is known that they also try to obtain visas with normal papers that they alter to their liking, which are then given to young women to use to get to Europe.

In Africa, women in the villages are promised that they can work as au pair girls in Europe. The families put together the last of their money for this, and so there are more victims.

Many of the girls are sent to work as prostitutes until they can’t do it any more. This doesn’t just happen once, it happens several times with the same papers.

So, you should think about whom you invite, which papers you upload and from which account you send money.

Every piece of information that the scammers get is information that they use for their purposes. It goes on like this for years. They keep coming back, still trying to gauge the frame in which they can skim the cream off the top. And there are many! It’s an open sea. The best donors, and that starts at $1,000, are passed on through endless profiles.

Then a new one signs up under the same name, only to change it immediately. And you’ve already found a new so-called great love that you can’t get rid of.

Aren’t you afraid that one day the scammers will call you to account personally?

This is a question from a reader in Warsaw. Yes, I do. But fear must not become the advisor in every situation. It is gut feeling that decides, after analysing what is happening in reality with a cool head.

In this context, one must not be disturbed by the numerous death threats, curses, insults and hate speech. Otherwise, one has to let go of the work and concentrate on something else.

Of course, this cannot be done without feeling the resistance of these creatures, but with the aim of making things better for everyone and not sticking to what is happening at the moment.

Of course, the threats to kill us are real, but whether the deed will ultimately be done to any of us is doubtful.

We send threats that are too vehement directly to the relevant authorities.

This may not work today or tomorrow, but if someone can be attributed to these threats, as in the case of a horoscope sent to us describing the darkest days of our lives, we are certain that the authorities of the respective countries will show special gratitude towards the perpetrators.

We can publish curses and imprecations on a separate page when the opportunity arises.

It shows how pathetic the perpetrators actually are and says nothing about us but only about the perpetrators who, of course, will have the water cut off from them worldwide with the publication and the research about their stories. And we are by no means the only ones who publish.

If the method is broken, they have to come up with something new.

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