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The Miss Marie Richard Scam continues in an endless leap (3)

If only the scammers could be shown a way to refrain from their pointless scheme, it would be our pleasure. Here is the exhibit in the third episode with the proposal to help a poor stranded girl. Rich girl, no girl in a call centre, who is supposed to collect money from Europeans. She is helped by other crooks. Now, the lawyer demands the first fee for the Senegalese justice system. Nothing is true.

Therefore: The lawyer has got nothing to do with the system in Senegal. But real one has been robbed of its identity and of course as usual: Do not answer, do not send the requested identity papers. Move the message to the digital dustbin.

Sequel to the content of our last mail we James Chambers and Associates has verified the cost of legalizing the papers and to enable this Chamber to proceed with our service to you, below is the terms of our legal service.
                                                   Terms of our service
As our legal and service charge, we demand for the a total sum of $1,260 Dollars and prior to commencement of action, you are requested to send the sum of $1,060 Dollars as a mandatory fees, this is to enable this chamber to pay some compulsory fees in the Ministry of Justice, high court such as, notarization, stamp and sealed duty fees etc., while the balance of our legal charge of ($200 Dollars) will be paid on the completion of our services to you.
If you accept to work with our Chamber in procuring your request, you are therefore directed to send the mobilization fee through MoneyGram money transfer with the name of the chamber’s secretary stated below, this is to ensure a swift receipt of the charges.
Receiver’s Name: Sonia Gomes 
Address: No 45 Unit 32 Parcelles, Dakar-Senegal
Do not hesitate to send us the information’s of the payment as soon as you remit the fee and also attach to us the payment slip for confirmation.
We always choose the option of Moneygram money transfer method to help us fasten our service to our client (you) .
The above stated information’s will help this chamber to avoid any delay in our service to you.
Be informed that it will take this chamber approximately 2-3 days to affect the service of these documents.
Thanks while we look forward to giving you the best of our service.
Yours in service,
Barrister James Christopher (SA)
Motto: Honesty Peace & Justice
Telephone: +221-766-423-145

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