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Among the worst fakes imaginable.

Children in kindergarten can do better. It’s a typical scammer quickie.

Drunk on all the documents, the victim is supposed to transfer the x US$ to a man who is apparently in an street, if you want to put it that way, in Lagos.

Everyone suspects the scam behind it, transport fees this time.

Apart from the fact that the real Nigerian Post looks completely different, the scammers have stolen their identity again. The quicky, however, went down the drain and that’s why it’s valid.

Don’t answer, don’t send any documents, don’t pay any euro to the scammers. The ATM card story is a fake that has been misused very often.
Thanks to the reader who sent us this unbelievable story, he moved the mail to the digital dustbin and you should do the same.

Mobolaji  Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja.
Lagos Nigeria.

Attention: Beneficiary, ATM Master Card /Bank Draft

This is POST OFFICE Courier Delivery Company of Nigeria, the
Management of this company, wishes to inform you that, we received a
Parcel containing a Bank Draft/an ATM Master Card valued $10.5million
USD with some vital documents attached on it, for safety delivery to
Your home address in your country, within’ the next 48 hrs as soon as
we Hear from you. This is (payment office) I am directed to inform you
that your payment verification and confirmations is OK.

Full names…………..
Parcel owner address………..
Age …………

Waiting for your urgent responds as expected:

Yours sincere .
Mr. Johnson Uzo .
Dispatch Manager Post Office Company.

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