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If someone works at Action Fraud in London, life must be hard. No one wants to work there when they are already dealing with Nigerians or people from Ghana who claim to be from the church.

The scam on the other hand, is so insane that anyone who reads it will see right through it. Religious con artists are nothing new to the world.

The scammers helped themselves to plenty of identity theft from the church representatives.

As if that were not enough, the perpetrators also abused the HSBC Bank and its name. Of course, everything the pseudo clergyman with the well-sounding name says is an invention. Or not? It is, be sure!

Therefore: Action Fraud is informed by the reader who sent us the tract. Do not reply, do not send any documents to the scammer, do not send any money, put the mail in the bin. Then the scammers service will soon be over.

Dear Beloved Sir,

May the peace of our lord Jesus Christ be open to you and your entire
household, Amen.

Happy to inform you that finally we have come to the final end of the
transfer of your abandoned pending fund transfer with a great success,
the money was release from the HSBC BANK LONDON and transfer to the
account of one (Rev. Fr. Antonio Rafael do Nascimento, S.D.V) the
parish coordinator of (St. Mary’s the Mount – Walsall Catholic Church,
England) who paid all the fee for transfer before it was successful.

Be informed that I have already received an invitation letter from them
in England and I will be traveling to England in the next few days for
the missionary plan of the building of the orphanage home  in England.

For your past effort as I promise to you, I have deposited an ATM VISA
CARD loaded with the total sum of (USD$1.500) with (Rev Dr
 Erick Fors) to deliver to you, here is his contact email address and
telephone number to (Rev Dr Erick Fors) who we deliver the ATM card to
you in your country,(+447514463873)

Kindly let me know once you receive the ATM card FROM him and I will
give you the ATM VISA CARD withdraw secret pin  code, Note that I do
not give him the secret PIN code of the card for security reasons.

With Kind Regard

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