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Worst of the Worst – Scammers use of the War in Ukraine

It is the worst thing brought out in a human being to exploit the current war in Ukraine for dubious business deals. They are the most disgusting types the world has to offer, dancing on the graves of those who perished. Kristina Kovalenko is a very common name. The perpetrators got the mail address through a darknet shop or from some other scam they tried before. It could be possible that Russians, who are currently in big trouble because of the sanctions, are trying to launder at least some of their assets. Keep your hands off.

We have seen a lot of things, but this scam is the most pathetic thing in the world. The scam comes via a mail address from Chile and indicates the obfuscation tactics that the perpetrators commit right away with the initial mail. Even when we received the news from a reader, we all didn’t know what to say.

Of course, the presentation points to a ploy by the Nigerian mafia. The English is pretty good this time.
The reader has since filed a complaint with the authorities in her jurisdiction.

It is the same pattern as the Dakar Scam.
After that, it’s the usual story of the rich princess again, this time with her daughter who lost everything because of the events of the war and had to flee to Poland. The perpetrators have no idea about the real circumstances, that’s why the mails have such a bad story.

Nothing about this story is true.

Once again, as with countless refugee scams, about a depot where millions are stored. If you fell for the trick, you would pay but never see any money.

Therefore: do not reply, do not send any personal information, or even documents, never send money to the perpetrators, it would sink into some channel with Western Union or MoneyGram and would be irretrievably lost. Move such mails to the digital waste bin.

Greetings from Poland, I am Mrs. Xristina Kovalenko, a victim of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, currently seeking refuge in Poland. I have lost everything my family had in Ukraine due to this war. I am requesting your assistance to help me obtain my late husband’s assets and valuables from an insurance company in New York, USA. Email me for more information:

Thank you for your email.

I sincerely appreciate your selfless decision to help me move this money to your country. Firstly, I would love to apologize for my late response to your email which has been due to my limited access to an internet connected communication device. I’m a little bit overwhelmed at your response yet not undermining your kindness. Though this would in turn be a beneficial proposal for you, it also further goes to prove that you have a kind heart.

Not much has been said but I must formally introduce myself to you. I’m Mrs. Xristina Kovalenko the wife of Late Dr. Lyaksandro Kovalenko who was a member of the Theorem Clinical Research Experts. Two days into the invasion he already made plans for me and Astra, my daughter, to leave Ukraine for Poland. I tried calling his station two weeks later only to receive news about his demise. I’m emotionally not ready to delve into full details about my life with my late husband before his demise but this money was what he has made in his previous medical expenditures as he spent most of his work career in the U.S.A. I would appreciate it if this proposal is kept confidential until you have received the full amount involved in this deal.
All my life I never thought I’ll be in such a situation where I’ll be fighting for my safety and that of my daughter and at the same moment struggling to secure a future which is still uncertain for the both of us. My late husband always made sure we are safe and cared for.


I need you to help me receive the sum of $40,000,000.00USD in your country. This money belonged to my Late Husband, he had it deposited with a security company in Minnesota, USA. You don’t need to worry about all the necessary paperwork involved, Our family Lawyer had every document renewed in January. I shall communicate with our Family Lawyer in Ohio to inform him about your partnership in helping me move the aforementioned asset as soon as possible. You may be wondering why I did not contact any of my Late. Husbands’ family members to help me as I’ve been an Orphan from birth, They all live in Petersburg, Russia controlling over 90% of the family wealth. may I ask you to send me your information? Only if you agree to this request. This is just to send you the money. The information needed is:

Your full name:

Telephone number:

Your address:


I believe you know we have to reach some kind of agreement on what % I am to compensate you with from the $40,000,000.00USD. I don’t have much time as my access to frequent communication is currently limited, So I need you to be honest about what % of these funds you wish to take when you have all of the assets in your possession. On the contrary, if you feel this is not something you can handle, kindly delete the message and never tell anyone about it.
I shall await your swift response my friend. Thanking you in advance for your anticipated understanding and willingness to help.
Mrs. Xristina  Kovalenko

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