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Oh yes, we will to “clamp down on some of these unscrupulous elements…

Scammers describe themselves and this time with a modified trick from Mr Robinson. Yes, once again someone who has got himself a job to brag about. We already know this gentleman, he is nothing new. But there is neither the person nor the fund that the unknown person, presumably a Nigerian from the UK, suggests. There is no need to prove anything, the story has been haunting the net for years, with more or less success.

Therefore: Don’t be fooled, don’t answer, don’t send any documents or even money. Throw the email into the digital dustbin.

From: Mr. Stevenson Robinson
Treasury Office, London Uk   Ref No: A.O.F/AAL-VOL.I/017                                                                            


Attn: Beneficiary


Sir,   With deep sense of concern, I am writing to inform you that this agency has been charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all outstanding payments emanating from Contract, Lottery,family inheritance etc and thoroughly scrutinize and pay out to its rightful beneficiary with immediate effect, we want to believe that you are still alive and if not, we do hope any of your family member can stand to the re-validation of this fund for immediate.


I have watched repeated memo with regards to this fund after series of investigation has been conducted revealing some false representation by people claiming to be the apparent owner of this while in the real sense they are far from such claim, the treasury department in conjunction with D.F.I.D and F.C.A were able to clamp down on some of these unscrupulous elements.  

To this end, I personal want to advise that you reconfirm your details to back up the release of this £7million on your favor, we are aware that some direct beneficiaries are already death but we have proof that some of them were smart enough to indicate their next in line in their families hence the reason for this contact as we are working diligently to avoid mistake, I will personal guide you to ensure that this is perfected quickly through the accredited paying financial institution, note, that your failure to lodge this claim will mean that the fund be lodged into a suspense account if not claimed by some unscrupulous officials with your name and it will all be assumed you are the one who signed it out.

I must state here that MORAL and compensation is my concern after your receipt of the fund.  

Thanks   Mr. Stevenson Robinson

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