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Scammers Compliment of the Day – ISIS Gold

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ISIS, the Islamic State is a terribly exciting and sprawling story among scammers of all kinds that almost disappeared in the sands of Arabia.

At least the Nigerian who came up with the story did a superficial job of researching it.

But that is as far as it goes.

There have been other scams that drifted in the same bizarre direction.

Realistically, any discovery of ISIS looted gold must be reported to the state authorities. Of course, this insane story is not true. It is a trick to make a lot of money in a stupid way. The American company will be an absolute double, because no scammer is stupid enough to actually register this company.

What can be is a piggyback procedure of some crooks who want advances for transport or notary fees, customs or otherwise.

Therefore: The ISIS state has nothing to lose, at least not in this world. Neither do scammers. Do not answer, do not send personal documents or money to the scammers, both would be hopelessly lost. Move the mail from the Arabian Nights into the digital dustbin.

Compliment of the day.

My name is Barbara Haxton and I’m from United States of America, I am the CEO of

M&B Financial Investment Services LLC. Company Tax ID; 85-3116777)

Sorry that I’m contacting you through this means, I have just gone through your profile, I must say is very interesting. I have a business proposal / OPPORTUNITY which i would like to discuss with you.  Its about my daugter, She is in the US Military, currently on a peace keeping mission. Feel free to contact my Business email address below. You can also give me a call at your earliest convinience.

+1 ‪(256) 274-1075‬

Warm Regards

kindly waiting for your reply

Barbara Haxton
M&B Financial Investment Services LLC.
3959 Franks CT. Tucker GA 30084

Hello, Thanks for your kind response and as a matter of fact, I am very happy to read your mail, however, I really want to establish a true relationship that may lead into a business partnership. It is my pleasure meeting you, I hope all is well with you. As I told you earlier in my previous letter, my name is Barbara Haxton, I am a financial expert, . My daughter is serving as US military officer currently in Yemen.

The US Army troops are being attacked by insurgents with guns and car bombs. During one of their rescue missions, they came across a safe box that contains huge amount of pure Gold that belongs to the supporters of the Islamic State Extremist group (ISIS) and rebels of the government, which I believe was Gold to be sold and realized from it meant for buying weapons and ammunition, and it was agreed by all Army officers present on that rescue mission that the Gold will be shared among them and which they did.

Out of the total fund my Daughters share was 4,000 OZ ( Equivalent of $8,000,000 at $2,000 per oz Gold) We are currently seeking your assistance to evacuate Her share of the Gold out of (Yemen) to your own country for you to keep it safe on our behalf till She is able to come over to your country, I’d kindly request your outmost sincerity and co-orperation in this matter. I will arrange all paper works and diplomatic means to deliver the Consignment to you. I know this proposal may scare you, but I want to let you know that I have made solid and legal arrangements with a foreign Shipping and security company here and they have promised to deliver the precious metals which will be packaged to look like a mere gift box through a diplomatic method to any destination of my choosing. This delivery is going to be handled legally by the Shipping and security company and there will not be any form of risk involved in the process and the Gold will be packed safely in a trunk case and the same case will be delivered to you in your country.

We have decided to compensate you with 15% of the total worth of Gold once after the box is delivered to you, while the rest shall be my investment capital in your country. I will strongly advise that you keep this confidential for safety purpose, if you do not want to be a party to this business, please delete this letter from your email box to avoid any leakage of this information. I am sincerely counting on your honesty and i trust we shall continue to do business in good faith, though you may wonder why I am so soon revealing myself to you without formal introduction, Well, I will say that my mind convinced me that you are the true person to help me in receiving and investing this fund. I will anticipate your response stating your interest in this matter so enable us proceed with the next line of action.

You can text,call or email me. +1 ‪(256) 274-1075‬ (

Barbara Haxton

M&B Financial Investment Services LLC. 3959 Franks CT. Tucker GA 30084

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