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Mrs Maggie Shumejda and her terminal mail

Once again, this is a story from beyond the scammers. We had so many inheritances that good spirits have to bequeath to something. It has become normal to pose as a terminally ill donor, with changing photos and a few different stories.

It is a programme that was once very successful for a while. But it was two years ago. Also on social networks, the names vary, as do the sums, but that does not make the content any better. The entry story always leads to a fake lawyer, looking to cash in on substantial sums of money to transfer alleged funds or wealth. Mrs Maggie Shumejda is penned like all Terminal Ill Scam stories.
Hands off, do not answer do not send documents, or money, the stories are bullshit and belong inside the digital rubbish.

Hello Friend

My name is I am Mrs Maggie Shumejda of High St, Birmingham. where are
you from? I am a sick woman who has decided to donate what I have to
charity through you.

You may be wondering why I chose you. But someone has to be chosen. I
am 65 years old and diagnosed with cancer about 2 years ago. I
inherited a total sum of $10.5million dollars from my late
husband,this money which is deposited with a Bank in my name and will
give you all if you’re willing to help me carry out my wish.

For easy communication, kindly respond Back To me E-mail:

Mrs Maggie Shumejda

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