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Shisha Smoker fakes Quatar Petroleum

industrial machine during golden hour

Yes, probably looked too deep into the shaisha, as the mail states. US$100,000,000.00, not bad. It doesn’t tempt anyone in their right mind. Here Quatar Petroleum was faked and then robbed of its identity. This crook’s remarks are simply beneath dignity.
Therefore, do not believe the fairy tales you are told. Do not answer, do not send any documents, they will be used for criminal offences, your identity will be stolen, etc. Do not send money, no matter how tempting the offer may be. Move the mail to the digital waste bin.

Dear Friend,
I am Jacob J. Lew . Former Head of Operations at the Finance and Account
Department of Qatar Petroleum. I have an Investment opportunity
of $100,000,000.00 USD, for Investment in your Country. I need your assistance
and co-operation to move it into your account as a Contract
Payment with the QP for onward investment in your country.
Tell me if you can handle this, if you can’t, don’t let this
be known by any other person. It’s between you and me.

Kind regards,
Mr. Jacob J. Lew
Former Finance and Account
Department Qatar Petroleum

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