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Marenas Twitter Story from the Gambia

It is always the same sceme that the perpetrators from Brikama use. The names are smoke and mirrors, the trick nasty and contemptuous of humanity....
Social Media Scam

Nyima’ Dirty Brikama Trick- Agressive Begging Scam

It is always the same trick that the perpetrators from Brikama use....
Fake FBI

Fantômas jr. vs. Interpol

Another fairy tale lesson from the Scammerhouse. Of course, the authorities, persons mentioned in the letter have been deprived of their identity....
Refugee Scam

Outrageous impudence- CLEMENT KOFFI LAW CHAMBERS- Most violent death threats against a reader

Most violent death threats against a reader-serious crime...
Terminal Ill Scam

Mystery Money from Mrs Luisa and an Ethiopian Air crash

When scammer madness knows no bounds.  This exhibit of bad scams probably comes from India.  Neither the fund nor the terminally ill person exists....
Articles about Scam

Fake Police Station in Abuja scams Europeans

After the false embassy in Ghana, there is now a fake police station in Nigeria. The e-mail address is from Niger. Probably, the perpetrators' actions...
Scammer Alarm

Scammer Alarm

Jeder kennt diese E-Mails. Unzählige werden jeden Tag, von verschiedenen Punkten der Welt aus, versandt. Erst ärgerten uns die ständig 9Qrr47i_en Mails. Dann jedoch, wurden sie...

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