Scammer News


ATM Scam

Security watch for Scammers

This email is a scam. There are many red flags that indicate this, including:...
Compensation Scam

All they want is cash for the online account

With its withdrawal from the European Union, the United Kingdom has created this problem for itself. From the former EU state of Britain, more and...
Corona or Covid19 Scam

Scammers Covid-19-UN-Compensation Christmas

Now the scammers go crazy and strike with millions, which they of course only have as booty....
IMF Scam

Nigerian Phishers

Of course, none of this story is true, several scammers sent this bizarre outline of a madman to our readers. Some of our readers were...
Government Scam

Interpol Fake Calling
The scammer thinks that the logo and a somewhat more selective way of expressing himself will help him to achieve his goal....

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