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Urgent Reply Needed Fast Thank you

Urgent Reply Needed Fast

Attention: Good Friend

 I am a Ms.Adila Alima Naifeh of Syrian citizen, there on going war going on in my country, Syria. Myself and my two daughters lives are in danger my husband who happens to be a business man was murdered 3 months ago we lost everything but my husband had some money that he kept in our home a total amount of 2 million dollars that belongs to my late husband and due to what happened to him we can no long be safe in Syria so I decided to contact you because.

Please I seek for your help to help me receive the fund to your country and help me keep its safe for us  The sum of two million ($2million ) is involved and it was well packaged in a consignment registered as United Nation refugee gift. It is registered as a diplomatic package. we lost  our International passport and we are searching means to travel out the rebel/opposition military has rendered us stranded and our houses and properties have damaged through the bomb.

Please respond immediately to enable me give you the delivery details. 

Best Regards Ms.Adila Alima Naifeh

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