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Trump and friends – this time the Scammers

Secret Service Trump Scam, screenshot Scammer, 2021

There are madmen and apparently more and more in the scammer industry. Not only in politics.

This exhibit is what an agent thinks he has to represent to claim any costs.

What more can one say?

The scammers think the rest of the world is stupid.

Don’t reply, you would be writing to Nigeria and that would not be good. Don’t send money or personal documents. Move the mail to the dustbin. If the scammers are pressuring you as an agent, contact your local police station.

Attention Sir

Following the exit of President Donald J. Trump from the White House as a result of the new President Joe Biden who took over the office on the 20th of January 2021. However, President Trump has declared that all pending transactions/contracts funds under his past government should be directed strictly to Fidelity Global Bank. As matter of fact, your Fund has been included on the deposited funds to Fidelity Global Bank by President Trump, you are now required to contact Fidelity Global Bank for the releasing of your fund. I will send you the deposit certificate from President Trump which is in your name as the beneficiary of USD25, 000 000.00 (TWENTY FIVE MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS). He has given the Bank the order to pay you through their online platform which means the bank will open an online account in your name and will wire the fund into your account through their online banking system. Please fill below form for verification so we can forward your details to the bank and also send you their email and telephone number for you to contact them as directed. You have a few days to comply with this procedure.

Your full name
Home address
Date of Birth
Telephone number
Copy of your ID

Wishing you a Happy and prosperous new year.

Best regards
Mr Richard. Obarg
United States Secret service Special agent

Attention Sir. 
Thanks for your speedy response. Your details have been verified. We have forwarded your details to the Bank, they are now waiting for you to contact them so they can process your online account where your USD25, 000 000.00 will be wired to. Their email and telephone number are stated below

Phone: (343) 267-0633,
Director: Mr. Harry Longman

Please take note, Attached is your deposit certificate which you will forward to the bank so they can ascertain the fund ownership.

Tel: Call or SMS +12065940701

Wishing your a Happy and prosperous new year.

Best regards
Mr  Richard. Obarg
United States Secret service Special agent

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