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The scammer thinks that the logo and a somewhat more selective way of expressing himself will help him to achieve his goal.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Interpol would certainly address the national police authorities and not represent some backroom dictates. It is ridiculous what the guy who met in secret with those who were supposed to be invisible writes.

He then, stupid as he is, communicates this by email to thousands of people. One wonders. Then the culprits referred to an obvious fake bank. The picture probably has nothing to do with the person, but is cited here as proof. Throw the mail away, smile at the half-wit who writes such nonsense, don’t reply, or you too will soon be on the Fake Interpol list.

The real Interpol people are happy when they catch the crooks.



 This mail is in correspondence to the conclusion of the Online meeting that we’ve been having for the past 2 months which ended last week Friday with the World Bank President and Secretary General of the United Nations Organization on the ERADICATION OF SCAMS on the Internet.

I am sorry for the late notification as i was very busy studying the new SOFTWARE that will be used in getting the Internet Hackers and  also we have inform the International Monetary Fund (I.M.F) in Spain about the Final processing of your overdue fund successful release with the Monetary Agency without any further delay for monitoring.

Listed below are the Security Agencies present at the meeting:

Central Intelligence Agency
International Monetary Fund
Internet Complainant Center
Economic and Financial Crime Commission
United States Department of Homeland Security

The World Bank President (David Malpass) and the United Nations Secretary General (Antonio Guterres) suggested that we prepare and program your due compensation fund of USD$1.200,000,00 only via a Consignment Box for safety delivery which idea was approved by the Board of Trustee and the United Nations Satellite Branch Auditor to get it complete.

Payment Reference No: FRN-FMF-CBN-FMF.2004-19
Allocation No: 224728
Certificate of Merit Payment No:202
Release Code No:26740
Secret Code No: XTV12349

And having received these vital payment numbers therefore, you are qualified to register for your funds authentication release as you are to confirm your payment within 72 hours to your best choice of receipt.

You are advised to STOP all further communication with anybody regarding your fund from any Bank as we are under investigation with some agency and henceforth contacts and communicate only with the Delivery Payment Manager as I will advise you to fast contact her with the below information to oversee this payment file for release.

Name: Mrs Penelope G Roberson
Position: Delivery Payment Manager
Official E-mail:
Private E-mail:

Meanwhile, we have already secured a Financier for the finance of your funds with the Harrison Financial Company which has been agreed without any interest and Collateral so far you promise to be sincere and refund the Financier back immediately if you have your total funds in possession.

I will want you to contact Mrs Penelope Roberson via email for verbal discussion so she could give you all documentation that guides your compensation funds and link/direct you to the Financier after the programming of your funds completion.

Anticipate your update upon your contact to the diplomat.


Eric Thrower International Police Public Relations Officer

Image result for diplomat

CONSIGNMENT PAYMENT DELIVERY Dear Beneficiary, This mail is in correspondence to the instruction received from the International Police and the United Nations Human Resources Department in conjunction with the World Bank to have you contacted concerning the authentication release of your due compensation funds valued $1.200,000,00 (One Million Two Thousand United States Dollars) only.

Be informed that the International Independent External Department has already secured a FINANCIER COMPANY that will help you with all fees that might be required in order to get your funds released to you so far we have your attention and sincerity to refund immediately you’re in possession of your entire funds. So therefore you are advised to get back to me with the information below for a safe delivery of your parcel to your residential address to avoid any sorts of mistakes.

1. First Name:
2. Last Name:
3. Date Of Birth:
4. Sex:5. Marital Status:6. Residential Address:7. City/State:
8. Zip Code:
9. Scan Copy of your Working Identity Card:
10. Profession:
11. Phone Number (For easy communication)

Be informed that funds will be released to you through the Consignment Box Delivery as it is suggested and agreed by the Board of Directors.
I shall await to read from you with the requested information and also to enable us proceed on your funds release as instructed by the authority. 

Warmest Regards

Penelope G. Roberson

Delivery Payment Manager

Fake Document

Now comes the bill for their “slimy services

Dear Beneficiary,

 I did receive your message completely with information requested and a Payment Reference Code has been released by the World Bank for Fund Release Authentication. Be informed that we have been advised to secure an Insured Stamp on your payment file and the idea was suggested and approved during the Board of Directors meeting to avoid any sorts of confiscation and diversion by the Internet Hoodlums. But as a matter of fact, let it be known that the below charges are requested in order to deliver your package to your residential address and also to endorse an Insured Stamp which will avoid DIVERSION by Unscrupulous People while on Transit without further delays. You are to choose your best option among the below delivery options and get back to me to enable me to notify the Cashier Desk to issue to you the Payment Information.

 1) GOLD DELIVERY : ( 1 day )   TAX & COT : $5190   P Charges. : $4050   Total : $9240

 2) SILVER DELIVERY : ( 3 days )    TAX & COT : $3040    P Charges : $2120    Total : $5160

 3) BRONZE DELIVERY : ( 7 days )    TAX & COT : $1790    P Charges : $1450    Total. :$3240 

After choosing your delivery option I will want you to contact Mr David Moore of the Harrison Financial Company via email or text for verbal discussion so he could be of help, meanwhile, you can easily get his attention via phone.

Name: David Moore
Position: Customer Care Director
Phone: 231-444-3603

Email: Anticipate your swift response and Delivery Option to enable me to advise the Cashier Department to have you contacted and immediately we receive a signal of payment by the Cashier Department we shall then proceed with delivery. 

Warmest Regards

Penelope G. Roberson Delivery Payment Manager

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